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As always, we need a WAGONLOAD OF VOLUNTEERS, so if you haven’t decided how to spend a few hours this rodeo season, give us a holler and join up. It is lots of fun and well worth your time. And it’s easy to volunteer – you can even do it online.

SATURDAY 7 a.m. - 11 a.m.

  •  You can...
    • Get involved by being on the Parade Committee.
    • Put out signs ("no parking", "detour", etc.) prior to the parade, and take them down afterwards.
    • Early parade day, fetch chairs and tables from the rodeo grounds and set them up at the judges' stand on Main Street (across from Little Bear). Return them after the parade. A pick-up truck is required.
    • Coordinate arriving entries in the parade staging area, with the help of Evergreen Rodeo Association members.
    • Guide the drivers of horse trailers into their parking spots.
    • Trash detail post parade
    • Distributing detour maps
    • Staging setup
    • Parade Ambassadors

Long Live Evergreen Rodeo!